New Coffee Machines
Dimensions H 700 mm L 660 mm D 540 mm - WEIGHT 50 kg Coffee production 100 per hour - 300 per day (3oz espresso) Electrical supply 230/400 Vac – 50 Hz    Power supply 2.4 kW. Internal electrical supply All the electrical components are supplied at 24Vdc, with the exception of the boiler resistance, the pumps and the pressure switch that are at 230/400 Vac – 50 Hz. keyboard with 8 push buttons for: espresso coffee, double espresso coffees, long espresso, double long espresso, Americano(espresso+ added water), milk push button (for use of automatic milk frothing system) that allows various combinations such as milk, latte macchiato, cappuccino button and a stop button, to stop dispensing of a selection at anytime. Price: £3,200 +VAT
Bianchi Sofia Bean to Cup B2CBS1
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